Walker Massa and Eduardo Keiserman hold EXO's corporate structure today and have been working for almost two decades on innovation and real estate development projects, pioneering the implementation and management of coworking environments in Brazil.

Exo, as a company that seeks exponential results, understands that collective knowledge and multidisciplinary and multicultural networking are basic elements for creating innovative businesses, which generate local impact in return.


This way, we also get connected with talented professionals who form our advisory team and who contribute with their multidisciplinary expertise to our projects and are connected with important sectors of global economy.


Walker Massa
CIO - Chief Innovation Officer
Eduardo Keiserman
CEO - Chief Executive Officer


Mikael Róman
International Consulting - Sweden
Christer Ljungwall
International Consulting - China
Raquel Boechat
International Consulting - Canada
Claudio Gerhardt
Investment Consulting
Vera Moreira
Human Resources  Consulting -
Diego Veiga
Planning Consulting 
Élbio Tasch
Finacnial Consulting 
Roberto Rotter
Hospitality Consulting
Claudio Horbe
Hospitality  marketing Consulting
Luciana Marson
Urbanism & architecture consulting
Mariana Turkenicz
Communication Consulting

Collaborative intelligence

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